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I’m so sick of feeling this way, I just want it to end.

I’m so sick of feeling this way, I just want it to end.

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Mellow Fellow- B.O.B 

Lol it’s catchy.  


The many faces of Emma Watson


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Once Upon A Time

I need to watch this, I saw the first episode and was hooked. Anyone know where I can watch past episode (#2-current) for free?

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Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

As I sit here watching this video, I can’t help to notice that most of these people in the video are probably deceased. Some at a young age, from the unfortunate circumstances they were born into. Some at an older age, still with hate in their hearts. I also see some of the most influential people of all time, known for giving their energy, money and fame to help those who need it the most. It breaks my heart to see that the influential people taken from us before their time, by people who didn’t agree with what they were trying to change. I wish I could do more, I’m ready to make that change to myself. I ready to change the Man in the Mirror. I want people to be able to look back on my life and be inspired and willing to carry on the legacy of my accomplishment, my goals, my charity. I’m ready for a change, are you?

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror >

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spaghetti spaghetti but he keeps on forgetting spaghetti 

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